How long does Temu take to ship to Australia?

Waiting for a package can be like watching paint dry, especially when it’s something you’re excited about. If you’re in Australia and have recently placed an order with Temu, you’re probably wondering, “How long does Temu take to ship to Australia?

It’s a valid question, considering the distance the products travel, all the way from China.

Temu shipping time to Australia varies and is influenced by several factors. Temu Australia offers two shipping methods: Standard and Express Shipping. While Express Shipping promises quicker delivery, it’s natural to be curious about how long each option actually takes.

This article dives deep into the nuances of Temu’s shipping to Australia, providing a comprehensive understanding of delivery times, costs, and handling procedures. 

Whether you’re a frequent online shopper or a first-time Temu user, this guide is tailored to ensure you stay well-informed and prepared for your next shopping experience.

How long does Temu take to ship to Australia?

Temu shipping time to Australia for an order can vary depending on a few factors. Temu Australia provides two shipping options: Standard Shipping and Express Shipping.

Temu takes 7-14 days to ship to Australia using Standard Shipping. For Express Shipping, it takes Temu 4-7 days to deliver your package to your doorstep in Australia.

According to Temu’s shipping data, 73.70% of customers in Malta who choose Standard Shipping receive their parcels in 10 days or less.

Here’s the full breakdown of Temu Australia delivery statistics to get the full picture:

Standard Shipping TimePercentage of orders delivered at that time
Bahrain≤6 days20.10%
Bahrain7 days32.20%
Bahrain8 days24.50%
Bahrain9 days12.20%
Bahrain10 days5.20%
Bahrain11 days2.50%
Bahrain12 days1.10%
Bahrain13 days0.60%
Bahrain14 days0.40%
Bahrain15 days0.20%
Bahrain>15 days1.00%
Austria≤9 days7.70%
Austria10 days10.00%
Austria11 days15.60%
Austria12 days16.60%
Austria13 days13.30%
Austria14 days11.40%
Austria15 days7.30%
Austria16 days5.90%
Austria17 days4.40%
Austria18 days4.30%
Austria19 days1.40%
Austria>19 days2.20%
Australia≤7 days16.30%
Australia8 days17.60%
Australia9 days21.70%
Australia10 days17.50%
Australia11 days11.60%
Australia12 days6.70%
Australia13 days3.70%
Australia14 days1.90%
Australia>14 days3.00%
belgium≤7 days13.50%
belgium8 days17.90%
belgium9 days23.60%
belgium10 days17.90%
belgium11 days12.70%
belgium12 days5.80%
belgium13 days3.70%
belgium14 days2.30%
belgium15 days0.80%
belgium16 days0.50%
belgium>16 days1.30%
qatar≤5 days6.70%
qatar6 days17.10%
qatar7 days29.50%
qatar8 days23.80%
qatar9 days11.30%
qatar10 days6.40%
qatar11 days2.30%
qatar12 days0.90%
qatar13 days0.50%
qatar>13 days1.50%
chile≤9 days11.50%
chile10 days17.30%
chile11 days19.00%
chile12 days17.30%
chile13 days13.80%
chile14 days8.00%
chile15 days4.50%
chile16 days3.00%
chile17 days1.80%
chile18 days1.00%
chile>18 days2.80%
czech republic≤8 days7.80%
czech republic9 days9.60%
czech republic10 days14.60%
czech republic11 days18.30%
czech republic12 days17.10%
czech republic13 days10.90%
czech republic14 days6.60%
czech republic15 days6.40%
czech republic16 days4.50%
czech republic17 days1.40%
czech republic18 days0.70%
czech republic19 days0.70%
czech republic20 days0.40%
czech republic>20 days1.00%
denmark≤6 days14.20%
denmark7 days13.00%
denmark8 days15.90%
denmark9 days18.50%
denmark10 days14.40%
denmark11 days11.90%
denmark12 days5.50%
denmark13 days3.20%
denmark14 days1.50%
denmark15 days0.90%
denmark16 days0.50%
denmark17 days0.90%
denmark>17 days1.10%
finland≤6 days7.10%
finland7 days15.80%
finland8 days20.10%
finland9 days15.20%
finland10 days13.60%
finland11 days8.80%
finland12 days7.00%
finland13 days4.30%
finland14 days2.50%
finland15 days2.10%
finland16 days1.30%
finland17 days0.90%
finland18 days0.60%
finland19 days0.20%
finland>19 days0.50%
france≤7 days10.40%
france8 days14.00%
france9 days16.50%
france10 days15.10%
france11 days12.40%
france12 days9.70%
france13 days6.90%
france14 days4.80%
france15 days3.10%
france16 days2.00%
france17 days1.20%
france18 days0.70%
france19 days0.50%
france>19 days2.70%
germany≤7 days5.80%
germany8 days10.40%
germany9 days17.00%
germany10 days17.50%
germany11 days15.60%
germany12 days13.30%
germany13 days8.70%
germany14 days4.30%
germany15 days2.30%
germany16 days1.40%
germany17 days0.80%
germany18 days0.70%
germany19 days0.50%
germany>19 days1.70%
ireland≤8 days5.40%
ireland9 days10.10%
ireland10 days19.10%
ireland11 days15.80%
ireland12 days13.50%
ireland13 days10.20%
ireland14 days7.20%
ireland15 days7.80%
ireland16 days4.30%
ireland17 days2.20%
ireland18 days1.30%
ireland19 days0.90%
ireland20 days0.40%
ireland21 days0.20%
ireland>21 days1.60%
italy≤9 days8.70%
italy10 days10.10%
italy11 days11.70%
italy12 days13.70%
italy13 days12.10%
italy14 days10.20%
italy15 days7.70%
italy16 days5.60%
italy17 days4.60%
italy18 days4.30%
italy19 days4.10%
italy20 days2.60%
italy21 days1.60%
italy>21 days3.00%
japan≤5 days30.50%
japan6 days39.80%
japan7 days19.60%
japan8 days5.00%
japan9 days1.90%
japan>9 days3.20%
jordan≤7 days14.40%
jordan8 days26.50%
jordan9 days23.50%
jordan10 days14.50%
jordan11 days7.50%
jordan12 days5.30%
jordan13 days2.90%
jordan14 days1.40%
jordan15 days1.00%
jordan16 days0.80%
jordan17 days0.60%
jordan18 days0.30%
jordan>18 days1.30%
kuwait≤5 days12.00%
kuwait6 days19.60%
kuwait7 days27.30%
kuwait8 days16.70%
kuwait9 days10.50%
kuwait10 days5.30%
kuwait11 days2.70%
kuwait12 days1.80%
kuwait13 days1.20%
kuwait14 days0.60%
kuwait15 days0.40%
kuwait16 days0.30%
kuwait>16 days1.60%
latvia≤10 days11.70%
latvia11 days15.60%
latvia12 days15.80%
latvia13 days16.10%
latvia14 days13.20%
latvia15 days8.60%
latvia16 days6.30%
latvia17 days5.50%
latvia18 days3.20%
latvia19 days2.10%
latvia>19 days1.90%
lithuania≤10 days9.80%
lithuania11 days15.10%
lithuania12 days22.60%
lithuania13 days20.90%
lithuania14 days13.30%
lithuania15 days8.70%
lithuania16 days5.60%
lithuania17 days2.00%
lithuania18 days0.80%
lithuania19 days0.50%
lithuania20 days0.20%
lithuania>20 days0.50%
luxembourg≤6 days5.10%
luxembourg7 days14.70%
luxembourg8 days21.20%
luxembourg9 days22.40%
luxembourg10 days15.30%
luxembourg11 days5.80%
luxembourg12 days2.50%
luxembourg13 days1.60%
luxembourg14 days0.90%
luxembourg15 days0.40%
luxembourg16 days0.40%
luxembourg17 days0.20%
luxembourg18 days2.20%
luxembourg19 days2.60%
luxembourg>19 days4.70%
malta≤10 days11.10%
malta11 days9.10%
malta12 days22.90%
malta13 days21.70%
malta14 days13.40%
malta15 days6.30%
malta16 days4.70%
malta17 days5.60%
malta18 days3.50%
malta19 days0.80%
malta20 days0.20%
malta>20 days0.70%
mexico≤8 days11.90%
mexico9 days11.30%
mexico10 days12.50%
mexico11 days11.00%
mexico12 days9.10%
mexico13 days8.20%
mexico14 days6.80%
mexico15 days5.10%
mexico16 days4.00%
mexico17 days3.50%
mexico18 days2.90%
mexico19 days2.20%
mexico20 days1.70%
mexico21 days1.10%
mexico22 days0.80%
mexico23 days0.70%
mexico>23 days7.60%
netherlands≤6 days10.50%
netherlands7 days23.90%
netherlands8 days26.70%
netherlands9 days14.10%
netherlands10 days8.30%
netherlands11 days5.40%
netherlands12 days3.50%
netherlands13 days1.70%
netherlands14 days0.90%
netherlands15 days1.50%
netherlands>15 days3.50%
new zealand≤6 days11.00%
new zealand7 days20.70%
new zealand8 days17.60%
new zealand9 days16.20%
new zealand10 days11.90%
new zealand11 days9.00%
new zealand12 days5.30%
new zealand13 days2.70%
new zealand>13 days5.60%
norway≤8 days11.60%
norway9 days13.80%
norway10 days15.60%
norway11 days15.80%
norway12 days14.30%
norway13 days10.30%
norway14 days6.50%
norway15 days4.00%
norway16 days2.80%
norway17 days1.80%
norway18 days1.10%
norway19 days0.60%
norway20 days0.40%
norway>20 days1.40%
oman≤7 days9.80%
oman8 days21.50%
oman9 days25.80%
oman10 days19.20%
oman11 days10.60%
oman12 days5.20%
oman13 days2.60%
oman14 days1.30%
oman15 days0.90%
oman16 days0.60%
oman17 days0.40%
oman>17 days2.10%
poland≤8 days7.20%
poland9 days11.70%
poland10 days16.00%
poland11 days17.00%
poland12 days19.80%
poland13 days12.40%
poland14 days5.90%
poland15 days4.30%
poland16 days2.50%
poland>16 days3.20%
portugal≤8 days12.00%
portugal9 days12.40%
portugal10 days14.80%
portugal11 days17.90%
portugal12 days17.40%
portugal13 days10.30%
portugal14 days5.10%
portugal15 days3.20%
portugal16 days2.90%
portugal17 days2.10%
portugal18 days0.70%
portugal19 days0.50%
portugal20 days0.20%
portugal>20 days0.50%
korea≤5 days29.00%
korea6 days29.40%
korea7 days17.10%
korea8 days11.60%
korea9 days7.10%
korea10 days3.30%
korea>10 days2.50%
romania≤9 days13.10%
romania10 days12.10%
romania11 days15.30%
romania12 days12.10%
romania13 days13.30%
romania14 days7.70%
romania15 days4.20%
romania16 days2.20%
romania17 days1.80%
romania18 days1.50%
romania19 days1.40%
romania20 days1.10%
romania21 days1.00%
romania22 days1.00%
romania23 days0.50%
romania24 days0.30%
romania25 days0.30%
romania26 days0.20%
romania27 days0.50%
romania28 days0.80%
romania>28 days10.00%
saudi arabia≤5 days7.70%
saudi arabia6 days20.90%
saudi arabia7 days27.80%
saudi arabia8 days21.70%
saudi arabia9 days12.00%
saudi arabia10 days5.10%
saudi arabia11 days2.20%
saudi arabia12 days1.00%
saudi arabia13 days0.50%
saudi arabia14 days0.30%
saudi arabia15 days0.20%
saudi arabia16 days0.10%
saudi arabia17 days0.10%
saudi arabia18 days0.10%
saudi arabia>18 days0.40%
slovakia≤9 days5.10%
slovakia10 days6.10%
slovakia11 days8.10%
slovakia12 days17.10%
slovakia13 days21.60%
slovakia14 days14.00%
slovakia15 days14.30%
slovakia16 days8.50%
slovakia17 days2.40%
slovakia18 days1.30%
slovakia19 days0.50%
slovakia20 days0.20%
slovakia>20 days0.80%
spain≤7 days7.80%
spain8 days12.90%
spain9 days17.40%
spain10 days16.00%
spain11 days12.90%
spain12 days9.10%
spain13 days5.60%
spain14 days3.70%
spain15 days2.50%
spain16 days1.70%
spain17 days1.10%
spain18 days0.80%
spain19 days0.70%
spain20 days0.60%
spain21 days0.50%
spain22 days0.50%
spain23 days0.60%
spain24 days0.50%
spain25 days0.50%
spain>25 days4.90%
sweden≤9 days6.10%
sweden10 days5.30%
sweden11 days11.90%
sweden12 days16.40%
sweden13 days15.90%
sweden14 days13.20%
sweden15 days10.50%
sweden16 days7.40%
sweden17 days4.90%
sweden18 days2.80%
sweden19 days1.40%
sweden20 days4.90%
sweden>20 days4.30%
switzerland≤7 days5.00%
switzerland8 days7.40%
switzerland9 days12.90%
switzerland10 days16.90%
switzerland11 days16.30%
switzerland12 days15.50%
switzerland13 days10.50%
switzerland14 days7.30%
switzerland15 days4.50%
switzerland16 days2.10%
switzerland17 days0.70%
switzerland18 days0.40%
switzerland19 days0.10%
switzerland>19 days0.40%
uae≤5 days7.70%
uae6 days25.30%
uae7 days37.60%
uae8 days18.60%
uae9 days6.00%
uae10 days2.40%
uae11 days1.00%
uae12 days0.50%
uae13 days0.30%
uae>13 days0.60%
uk≤7 days16.30%
uk8 days21.40%
uk9 days22.10%
uk10 days16.50%
uk11 days11.00%
uk12 days5.70%
uk13 days3.20%
uk14 days1.50%
uk15 days0.80%
uk16 days0.40%
uk>16 days1.10%
Estonia≤9 days5.40%
Estonia10 days14%
Estonia11 days17.40%
Estonia12 days20.30%
Estonia13 days15.90%
Estonia14 days11.30%
Estonia15 days6.50%
Estonia16 days4.30%
Estonia17 days2.50%
Estonia>17 days2.40%
canada≤7 days7.70%
canada8 days15.90%
canada9 days20.90%
canada10 days18.20%
canada11 days14.30%
canada12 days8.70%
canada13 days4.90%
canada>13 days9.40%

N.B. Please be aware that this information is updated daily and may change based on the latest data.

Temu’s headquarters are located in Boston, United States, yet most of their products are shipped from their warehouses in China. Consequently, your order’s transit time may be longer than domestic shipping within Australia.

While shopping with Temu, how long it will take for your order to arrive is conveniently displayed on the order confirmation page. This gives you a clear idea of when your order should arrive.

A distribution graph for standard delivery shows the percentage of orders delivered within specific time frames
A distribution graph for express delivery shows the percentage of orders delivered within specific time frames

Temu Australia shipping costs

Temu Australia offers free Standard Shipping on every order, ensuring that customers do not incur additional shipping costs regardless of the size or value of their purchase.

For Express Shipping, orders between AU$0 – AU$89 cost AU$29.95 while the shipping cost of orders between AU$89 and over is AU$19.95.

However, Temu has a AU$15 minimum order requirement for checkout in Australia. Therefore, if the total value of your shopping cart is less than AU$15, you will need to add more items to meet the Temu minimum order.

Who delivers Temu packages to Australia?

In Australia, Temu’s delivery process involves a collaboration with various courier and postal services. When your Temu package arrives in Australia from China, where most of Temu’s products originate, it’s handed over to local postal services or regional courier companies for the final delivery stage. The specific courier or postal service handling your package can vary, depending on the logistical arrangements that Temu has in place for your region.

Here are the shipping companies that deliver Temu packages to Australia using Standard Shipping:

  • Australia Post
  • PFLogistics
  • DPEX
  • Aramex
  • YTO
  • iMile

For Express Shipping orders in Australia, Temu exclusively utilizes Australia Post for delivery.

Factors that influence Temu shipping Time to Australia

How long does it take for Temu to ship to Australia? This depends on many factors:

  • Location of Delivery: The time it takes for Temu to ship an order can vary based on the destination. Orders to major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane often arrive faster than to more isolated areas.
  • Choice of Shipping Method: The method of shipping chosen affects how quickly you receive your order. Standard Shipping in Australia generally takes 7-14 days, while Express Shipping takes only 4-7 days for your package to arrive.
  • Availability of Ordered Products: When the product you’re buying is readily available, it can be packaged and dispatched quickly, leading to faster delivery.
  • Order Processing Time: It takes Temu warehouses 1-3 days to process your order. Once your order is dispatched, you will be notified with a message.
  • Weather and Disasters: Bad weather or natural disasters can delay shipping, especially in places where these are common. These events can mess with transportation and slow down delivery.
  • Customs Clearance: Customs procedures can significantly influence the shipping time. How complex the customs process is and how well the paperwork is done can delay your package.
  • Seasonal Events and Holidays: During busy holiday periods, such as Christmas, shipping can slow down due to increased online sales and the logistical challenges shipping companies face.
  • Other Things to Consider: Make sure to give your correct physical address. Large items can’t be delivered to P.O. boxes. Also, even if private carriers might handle your package first, standard postal services usually do the final delivery step.

How to handle delayed orders on Temu Australia?

In some situations, your Temu order might be delayed. This could be due to the item requiring extra processing time or the package getting delayed or lost during transit.

If you notice that your order isn’t going to arrive by the estimated delivery date, it’s important to contact Temu’s customer service.

In the event of a delay caused by lengthy processing or slow shipping, you have the option to wait a few more days.

Temu Australia offers compensation for late deliveries beyond 48 hours of the expected time. If a Standard Shipping order is delayed, you’ll get a AU$5 credit in your account. For Express Shipping, if it’s delayed, you’ll receive a AU$30 credit. Alternatively, you can get a refund and refuse to accept the parcel when it’s delivered.

In cases where you’re informed that your order is lost or damaged, Temu offers the option to send a replacement or process a direct full refund. Be aware that receiving a new order as a replacement will take additional time. In the scenario where you do receive your package after filing a claim or requesting a refund, you are always allowed to keep the item at no additional cost, without the need to return it.

How to speed up your Temu delivery?

  • Order Early: Place your order as early as possible, especially if you need it by a certain date or during peak seasons and holidays, to allow ample time for processing and shipping.
  • Monitor Shipping Status: Keep an eye on your order’s status and track it using the provided tracking number for any updates.
  • Contact Customer Service: If you encounter any delays or issues, reach out to Temu’s customer service for assistance and potential solutions.


How long does it take Temu to ship to Australia? shipping times for Temu Australia vary based on the shipping method chosen. Standard Shipping typically takes 7-14 days, with 73.70% of orders arriving in 10 days or less. Express Shipping, on the other hand, takes 4-7 days.

Delivery in Australia is carried out by a range of courier services like Australia Post, PFLogistics, DPEX, FAST HORSE EXPRESS, Aramex, YTO, and iMile, with Australia Post exclusively used for Express Shipping. 

For any shipping delays, Temu Australia offers compensation: AU$5 for Standard and AU$30 for Express Shipping delays beyond 48 hours of the estimated time. 

To optimize your experience, monitor your shipping status, and contact customer service for any issues. Remember, an accurate physical delivery address is crucial, especially for larger items.

By understanding these aspects, you can better manage your expectations and ensure a smoother delivery process when ordering from Temu in Australia.


Where does Temu Australia ship from?

Temu, as an international e-commerce platform, primarily ships its products from China. This applies to orders placed in Australia as well. The items are sourced from various vendors located in China and then shipped internationally to countries like Australia.

Does Temu Australia offer Express Shipping?

Yes, Temu Australia does offer Express Shipping as an option for faster delivery.

How fast is Temu Express shipping to Australia?

Temu’s Express Shipping to Australia typically takes between 4-7 days for delivery.

What is Temu’s minimum order value in Australia?

Temu has a minimum order requirement of AU$15 for checkout in Australia. If your cart value is below this, you’ll need to add more items to reach this minimum order value.

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