How to win Temu Fishland faster?

How to win Temu Fishland? Are you struggling to conquer the elusive Temu Fishland game? Winning this engaging aquarium management game can seem like a daunting task, but fear not!

This comprehensive guide is your key to mastering Fishland. We understand your frustration as the game progresses slowly and the amount of food required for your fish keeps increasing. That’s why we’ve compiled proven strategies and insider tips to expedite your journey to victory.

Imagine the satisfaction of efficiently managing your aquarium, utilizing referrals to your advantage, and mastering the strategic feeding of your fish. With our guide, you’ll learn not just how to win but how to dominate Temu Fishland. 

From early game tactics to advanced tips for beating your last fish, we cover every aspect to ensure a swift and surefire path to triumph. 

Don’t let the game’s intricacies deter you. Dive into our guide, and unlock the secrets to becoming a Fishland champion. 

What is the Temu Fishland game?

Fishland game

Temu Fishland is a free engagement game offered within the Temu app, where players manage an aquarium with several fish. 

The gameplay involves feeding these fish by clicking on a bag of fish food. Players earn more food each day and through various activities like inviting new users, making purchases, and sharing on social media. 

The game’s progression slows down as the required amount of food per fish increases.

The rules of Temu‘s Fishland program are as follows:

  1. Joining the Program: Click “Join Now” or “Claim” to become a member. As a member, you can pick certain items to redeem for free (though shipping fees might apply). 
  2. Earning Rewards: You earn rewards by collecting fish within a set time limit. You need to feed the fish with fish food, which you can get by:
    • Automatically from the system occasionally.
    • Referring new users (Qualified Referrals).
    • Completing tasks shown on the page.
  3. Fish Details: The value of each fish decreases over time, as shown on the page. Each fish type needs different amounts of food and grows slower the more you feed it. The minimum growth per feeding is 0.01%. If you cancel or refund an order from a task, you lose the fish food earned from that task.
  4. Feeding Streak Sub Program: This is a random opportunity to earn extra rewards by feeding fish daily for a consecutive number of days. If you don’t meet the daily feeding requirement, you lose the progress in this sub-program.
  5. Qualified Referrals: These are new users who download the Temu app, register, and join the referral program within 24 hours. There are limits on inviting users from different countries or regions.
  6. Time Limit: This is the duration from when you join the program to when you must earn your rewards.
  7. Rewards Delivery: To get your reward, collect enough fish before the time limit. Rewards can only be shipped to addresses in the country or region from where you joined. Provide your address within 48 hours after earning the reward and pay any shipping fee. There’s a daily limit on rewards, shown in a pop-up after you earn a reward. All fish food and props expire when the time limit ends or when you earn your reward, whichever comes first. Events and tasks can change the rewards available.
  8. Substitution of Rewards: The sponsor can replace rewards with something of equal or greater value, like Temu credits. Rewards are subject to availability and additional rules.
  9. Cash Rewards: To get cash, you need to provide and verify a PayPal account (and sometimes a phone number) in the same country/region as your Program registration. It may take a few business days to verify. Temu credits or coupons might replace cash rewards.
  10. Referral Restrictions: Users must be real people. You can’t create fake accounts or engage in any activity that infringes on others’ rights or is considered fraudulent. All decisions by the sponsor are final.

Remember, rewards cannot be transferred or redeemed for cash and are void where prohibited by law.

Here’s an exhaustive guide to winning Fishland on TEMU, ensuring you cover every aspect of the game for a surefire path to victory.

How to win Temu Fishland?

Beating Temu’s Fishland game requires a combination of strategy, timing, and understanding the game’s mechanics. Here are some tips to help you succeed:

1. Understanding Game Progression

  • Early Game: Feeding fish progresses quickly at the start. Ensure to feed enough to get all the daily feeding bonuses, starting at 20g and increasing up to 150g. The first day only allows accumulation of up to 210g.
  • Mid-Game: When your earnings drop below 20 cents, the pace slows down. Strategically, aim to be in the top 1 or 2 feeding ranks every three days when the contest runs, especially on the expiration day.
  • Late Game: Below 10 cents, progress becomes extremely slow, often taking days. Expect a long journey; getting from $0.30 to $0.11 may take a week, and completing the final stretch can take 3 to 4 weeks.

2. Utilizing Referrals and Networking

  • Daily Invites: Invite up to 10 existing users each day. Use Facebook and Reddit groups for Temu codes or referrals. Focus on inviting around ten friends, preferably good players who feed their fish daily, netting you an extra 5g per person each day. 
  • Profile Checking: Be cautious with code trading; ensure the other party is reliable. Avoid total newbies or scammers in code trading. Add at least one person per day but look for specific details like country and game in their profile.
  • New User Referrals: Referring a new user can net you 600 grams of fish food, a significant boost.
  • Maximizing Referrals: You get 15 gm fish food for every new person added if they already have an account.  Ensure you are in the same region (USA, Canada, UK, EU) as your friends to receive bonuses.
Invite friends to claim fish food

3. Daily Tasks and Rewards

  • Sharing and Browsing: Share the game and browse the shop daily. You don’t need an actual recipient for sharing even if you don’t have a social media account, pretending to share can still count towards these missions. Just share and return to the app for 10 grams of fish food.
  • Meal Times: Occur three times a day, providing 30 grams of fish food each. Be aware of the timings.
  • Turn the reward notification on: A pop-up with options to ‘Get Notified’ for rewards or to dismiss it by selecting ‘Next Time’ will appear while playing Fishland. It’s advisable to turn the alert on to claim your daily reward on time.
  • Getting Daily Bonuses: Collecting a 40g jar every day from feeding, which emphasizes the importance of daily engagement in the game. Also, don’t collect completed fish until you have a bonus daily fish task. It’s okay to leave the fish in their bubbles overnight.
  • Total Daily Earnings: You can accumulate around 150 to 200 grams of fish food daily through these activities.
Rewards notification

4. Strategic Inventory Management

  • Treasure Chest Strategy: Time your treasure chest usage for maximum benefit. Starting around noon can optimize your code-sharing window.
  • Ranking System: Compete in rankings. Suppose you’re leading significantly, save fish food for the next round.

5. Efficient Feed Management

  • Consistent Daily Engagement: Log in daily for activities and rewards. Optimize your feeding, daily fish tasks, and daily check-in bonuses to progress faster.
  • Feed Allocation: Don’t use all your feed at once. Plan for the next day, especially if you’re leading in rankings.
  • Feeding Strategies: One effective approach is to feed the fish whenever there are rewards available for feeding. This method seems to be a common practice among players who have won multiple rounds of Fishland. Additionally, purchasing items from Temu can provide more food, which is beneficial for the game.
  • Utilizing Resources: Collecting shells is another tactic that can aid in winning. It’s important to make the most of the resources available within the game.

6. Advanced Tips for Progress

  • Versus Battles: Engage in battles only if you’re likely to win. If not, accept the minimum reward.
  • Friend List Management: Regularly update your friend list for maximum benefits. Having a network of Fishland daily players is crucial. It’s advisable to get as many existing users as possible to ensure a steady supply of food from multiple people every day. This network can be expanded by sharing and accepting invitation codes
  • Long-Term Commitment and Patience:  Winning Fishland requires time and patience. Be prepared for a lengthy process, especially in the later stages of the game.
  • Timeframe: Winning can take up to three to ten weeks.
  • Routine Play: Consistently play for about 30 minutes daily to optimize progress.
  • Strategic Item Selection: When it comes to claiming prizes, choosing higher-value items can be more beneficial. Some players have exchanged unavailable prizes for credits or items of equal value.

Pro tip: When aiming to replay Fishland after your initial victory, it’s advisable to hold off on acquiring the final fish. Focus instead on accumulating your food reserves. My strategy usually involves gathering a minimum of 10,000 before making that last collection. This approach significantly speeds up your subsequent game, as any remaining fish food carries over to your next round in Fishland.

How to get more food in Fishland Temu?

As an avid player of Fishland in the Temu app, I’ve developed a few strategies that have worked well for me in terms of increasing my food supply. Here are my personal tips:

  1. Leverage Temu Purchases: I’ve noticed that making purchases within the Temu app can sometimes reward you with additional food in Fishland. It seems like there’s a connection between in-app activities and in-game rewards.
  2. Focus on Shell Collection: Collecting shells within the game has been a reliable method for me to earn more food. It’s a simple yet effective way to boost your resources.
  3. Strategic Feeding for Rewards: I prefer to feed my fish primarily when there are specific rewards available for doing so. This approach helps in maximizing the utility of the food I have, ensuring I don’t run out too quickly.
  4. Engage with Other Users: I’ve found success in interacting with as many users as possible. By getting food from around 10 people every day and maintaining a presence in the game, especially during meal times, I’ve been able to keep my food supplies healthy. Striving to be in the top 3 of the feeding ranking and completing food-related missions, like browsing and sharing, also helps a lot.
  5. Consistent Gameplay and Time Management: Consistency is key in Fishland. I make sure to regularly complete food missions and take advantage of any extensions in the game. It’s a bit time-consuming, but it pays off in the long run.

What to expect after you win Temu Fishland Game?

After successfully collecting your Fishland’s last fish, you’ve officially beaten Fishland for the first time! What’s next? Well, get ready to pick from 2 free items that are up for grabs and 2 coupon codes for orders over $100 (usually $40 and $30 off Temu coupons). 

But keep in mind, that these goodies have an expiration date, so you’ll want to claim them quickly.

Some users mentioned receiving a credit instead of an item due to it being out of stock. This implies that winning can sometimes lead to alternative rewards if the original prize is unavailable.

Claim the free rewarded items

Verdict: How to beat Fishland Temu?

How to win Temu Fishland? Winning Fishland is a blend of strategic planning, efficient resource management, and community engagement. By following these comprehensive strategies, maintaining a consistent routine, and adapting to the game’s dynamics, you’ll enhance your chances of success. Stay patient and enjoy your journey to becoming a Fishland champion!


Is Fishland Temu a scam?

The Fishland Temu game isn’t a scam, as some users have actually finished the game and received their promised items. However, the game mechanics, particularly the decreasing value of in-game items and the increasing difficulty raise questions about its fairness and transparency.

How can I quickly get free gifts in Fishland Temu?

To swiftly earn free gifts in Fishland, engage in activities like inviting friends or placing orders. This will earn you an abundance of fish food. By nurturing and feeding your fish regularly, they will grow, eventually leading to the unlocking of free gifts. Remember, each fish species grows at its own unique rate, so feeding them consistently is key.

Why did I receive only a portion of my rewards after placing an order?

If you notice that you’ve only received part of your rewards after placing an order, don’t worry. Some rewards in Fishland are designed to be claimed 24 hours after the order is made. Simply return to the app after 24 hours to claim the remaining rewards.

Why does my reward vary from previous ones?

In Fishland, the nature of rewards can change daily. The rewards from order tasks are dynamic and not fixed, meaning they can sometimes be upgraded through special offers. However, to capitalize on these upgraded rewards, you must complete the task within the stipulated time limit.

What could prevent my friend from accepting my invitation?

Each account has a daily limit on the number of existing users it can invite. Also, if your friend has already accepted an invitation today, they can’t accept another one. Additionally, if your friend has participated in the current round of invitations or has engaged in any activity that doesn’t align with the program’s intended use, your invitation will be invalid.

Why are the users I invited not considered new app users?

Users are considered ‘new app users’ if it’s their first time downloading Fishland. These individuals are limited to accepting a single invitation for inviter rewards. Once they’ve downloaded the app or accepted an invitation, they no longer retain the ‘new user’ status for future invitations.

Why am I unable to accept an invitation from my friends?

Accepting invitations from friends might be challenging due to specific restrictions. An individual account can only accept one invitation each day. Having already accepted an invite in this round prohibits you from accepting others. Moreover, if your friends have maxed out their daily invitation quota, you’ll find yourself unable to accept their invites. Unusual activities deviating from the program’s standard operations may also lead to unsuccessful acceptance.

How long does Temu Fishland take?

Many users report that it takes about 2-4 months to complete the Temu Fishland game. This duration seems to be a common experience among those who play regularly and engage with the game’s mechanics effectively.

How to change free gift on Temu Fishland?

It is possible to change your chosen gifts in Fishland, but this can only be done once under normal circumstances.  If a gift box appears, it indicates that the originally chosen gift is either out of stock or discontinued. In this case, you are allowed to change that specific gift twice.

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