How to block Temu ads on Android?

How to block Temu ads on Android? Are you tired of seeing relentless Temu ads popping up on your Android device? You’re not alone. 

With Temu’s extensive marketing push, investing a massive $1.4 billion in advertising in 2023 alone and planning to up it to $4.3 billion by 2024, it’s no wonder your browsing experience is inundated with their ads. These ads, fueled by your online behaviors and interactions on social media and search engines, can become intrusive, especially when they’re based on data sharing between platforms and targeted using your location.

Don’t fret, though! There’s a way out of this ad maze, and we’ve got the perfect guide for you. 

In this article, we’re diving into the practical steps you can take to block Temu ads on your Android device. Whether it’s tweaking Google ad settings, utilizing built-in Android ad blockers, or exploring third-party solutions, we’ve got you covered. 

Stay tuned as we unfold the secrets to a Temu ad-free digital life on your Android gadget, ensuring a smoother, uninterrupted browsing experience.

Why am I getting so many Temu ads?

Temu has been aggressive in its marketing efforts, utilizing various platforms and strategies to reach potential customers. In 2023, they invested a substantial $1.4 billion in advertising, and this figure is expected to grow to an impressive $4.3 billion by 2024.

Here’s why you might be noticing a lot of Temu ads:

  • Tracking Your Online Activities: Visiting Temu’s site or similar e-commerce websites can lead to your browsing habits being monitored. Technologies like cookies are used to track these activities, and the information gathered is then used by advertising networks to show you targeted ads, including those from Temu.
  • Interactions on Social Media and Search Engines: Your searches or interactions related to products and services that align with Temu’s offerings can trigger these platforms to show you Temu ads. This is based on your interest patterns as perceived by these platforms.
  • Data Exchange Among Platforms: Different websites and applications sometimes share user information with their advertising partners. If your online data indicates an interest in e-commerce or related fields, it could result in Temu’s ads being displayed to you.
  • Advertisements Based on Location: If your device’s Location Services are active, you might see ads based on where you are geographically. This includes advertisements from online services like Temu that are relevant to your location.
  • Using Ad Networks for Retargeting: Temu might also be employing retargeting tactics through ad networks. This method involves showing you more ads if you’ve previously engaged with their website or ads, with an aim to draw you back in.

Understanding these mechanisms can help explain the frequent appearance of Temu advertisements in your online experience.

How to block Temu ads on Android?

Blocking Temu ads on your Android device whether it’s Samsung or any other brand involves several steps, utilizing different settings and tools to effectively reduce or eliminate these annoying advertisements. Here’s a detailed and structured guide to help you achieve this:

Adjusting Google Ad Settings:

Just like on an iPhone, you can also turn off personalized ads on your Android device to help decrease the number of targeted ads from Temu:

  1. Access Google Settings: Open your Google account either through a browser or the Google app on your Android device.
  2. Navigate to Ad Settings: Look for the ‘Ads’ settings. This can usually be found under the ‘Data & personalization’ section.
  3. Opt Out of Personalized Ads: Disable personalized ads. This won’t stop ads completely but will prevent ads based on your browsing history, which includes Temu ads triggered by your online activity.

These actions would affect all your apps where you use your Google account including YouTube, Google search app, Google Play Store, and Chrome.

Using the Built-In Android Ad Blocker:

  1. Open Chrome Browser: Most Android devices use Chrome as the default browser.
  2. Go to Settings: Access the settings menu in Chrome.
  3. Find Site Settings: Within settings, navigate to ‘Site settings’.
  4. Block Pop-ups and Redirects: Ensure the option for blocking pop-ups and redirects is enabled. This can help prevent some types of intrusive ads.

Installing Third-Party Ad Blocker Apps:

  1. Choose an Ad Blocker: Download a reputable ad blocker app from the Google Play Store. Apps like AdBlock Plus, AdGuard, or Blokada are popular choices.
  2. Configure the Ad Blocker: Follow the setup instructions to configure the app. Some ad blockers may require additional settings like setting up a VPN filter.
  3. Enable Ad Blocking: Make sure the ad blocker is active and running in the background.

Managing App Permissions and Notifications:

  1. Identify the Source of Ads: Determine if the ads are coming from a specific app, like a browser or a third-party app.
  2. Adjust App Notifications: Go to your device’s settings, find ‘Apps & notifications’, and select the app that’s showing ads. Disable unnecessary notifications from this app.
  3. Limit Background Data Usage: Restrict background data for apps that might be downloading ad content.

Clearing Browser Cache and Cookies:

  1. Access Browser Settings: Open your browser and go to settings.
  2. Find Privacy Options: Locate the ‘Privacy’ section.
  3. Clear Browsing Data: Choose to clear your cache and cookies. This can remove stored data that might be used for Temu ad targeting on Android.

Using a Browser with an Ad-Blocking Feature:

  1. Install an Ad-Blocking Browser: Consider using browsers like Kiwi Browser, Brave or Firefox Focus which have built-in ad-blocking capabilities.
  2. Set as Default Browser: Make this browser your default for web surfing to ensure most ads, including Temu’s, are blocked.

Setting Up DNS Ad-Blockers on Android (Most effective method):

DNS Ad-Blockers provide an efficient way to block ads across all apps and browsers on your device. By rerouting your DNS requests through servers that filter out ad traffic, you can significantly reduce the number of ads you see, including those from specific sources like Temu.

  1. Choose a DNS Ad-Blocking Service: Select a reputable service like AdGuard DNS, NextDNS, or Blokada DNS.
  2. Configure DNS Settings for Wi-Fi:
    • Access Wi-Fi settings.
    • Modify your network settings to ‘Static’.
    • Input the DNS addresses provided by your chosen service. For example, “” if you chose Adguard.
  3. Set Up DNS for Mobile Data (Android 9 Pie and Above):
    • Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Network & Internet’ > ‘Advanced’ > ‘Private DNS’.
    • Input the DNS provider’s hostname.
  4. Using Third-Party Apps for Older Android Versions: Apps like DNS Changer or Blokada can change DNS settings for mobile data.
  5. Test the DNS Ad-Blocker: Browse the internet to ensure ads, including those from Temu, are blocked.

Advantages of DNS Ad-Blockers:

  • Device-Wide Blocking: Effective across all apps and browsers.
  • No Need for Additional Apps: Newer Android versions don’t require extra apps for Wi-Fi DNS settings.
  • Improved Browsing Speed and Privacy: Faster browsing and enhanced privacy due to reduced ad traffic and tracking.


  • Customization Limitations: Less control over specific ad-blocking compared to app-based blockers.
  • Potential Website Functionality Issues: Some websites may not load correctly.
  • VPN Compatibility: This may conflict with VPN applications.

Updating Hosts File (For Advanced Users):

  1. Root Your Device: This step is only recommended for advanced users. Rooting your device allows you to modify system files.
  2. Modify Hosts File: After rooting, you can modify the hosts file to block specific ad servers.

Uninstalling Problematic Apps:

  • Identify and Remove Apps: If certain apps are consistently displaying ads, consider uninstalling them.

Additional Tips:

  • Regularly Update Your Device and Apps: Keeping your device and apps updated can enhance security and ad-blocking features.
  • Be Cautious with Free Apps: Free apps often rely on ads for revenue. Be mindful of this when downloading apps.
infographic for tools used in blocking

How to Stop Temu Ads on Chrome for Android?

To stop Temu ads on Chrome on your Android device, you can adjust the settings within the Chrome app to control pop-ups and unwanted content from websites like 

This is super handy if you use Chrome for your search to block Temu from Google search results. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Open the Chrome App: Start by launching the Google Chrome application on your Android device.
  2. Access Menu Options: Look for the ‘More’ option, usually represented by three vertical dots in the top right corner of your screen, and tap on it to open the menu.
  3. Navigate to Settings: From the drop-down menu, scroll down and select ‘Settings’ to access various configuration options.
  4. Go to Site Settings: Within the Settings menu, find and tap on ‘Site Settings’, which allows you to manage how websites interact with your browser.
  5. Adjust Pop-up Settings: In the Site Settings menu, locate and select ‘Pop-ups and redirects’. Here, you can toggle the option to ‘Block’ to prevent pop-ups from appearing.
  6. Fine-tune Ad Controls: Additionally, you can look for the ‘Ads’ option under Site Settings. Enable the setting to block sites from showing intrusive or misleading advertisements, which can include ads from
  7. Review Changes: After adjusting these settings, revisit the websites to ensure that the changes have been effective in blocking unwanted content and pop-ups.

By following these steps, you should be able to reduce or eliminate intrusive pop-ups and ads from Temu and other websites while using Google Chrome on your Android device.


How to block Temu ads on Android? You’ve got a variety of strategies at your disposal. 

Start by tweaking your Google Ad Settings to opt-out of personalized ads, reducing Temu’s ad visibility based on your online activity. Chrome users can further limit these ads by enabling pop-up blocking and ad controls in the browser settings. 

For a broader approach, consider installing a third-party ad blocker from the Google Play Store, offering a more comprehensive ad-blocking experience across apps and websites. 

If you’re tech-savvy, adjusting your device’s DNS settings through services like AdGuard DNS or Blokada DNS can effectively filter out ad traffic, including Temu’s, across all apps and browsers. 

Remember, while these methods won’t eliminate all ads, they’ll significantly reduce Temu’s ad intrusion, giving you a more pleasant browsing experience. Keep your apps and device updated for the best performance, and be cautious with free apps, as they often rely on ads. Follow these steps, and you’re set for a more ad-free mobile experience!

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