Does Temu ship to Mongolia?

Does Temu deliver to Mongolia? Yes,  but it’s not just a click-and-done deal. There’s a unique process to glide through for smooth, fee-friendly deliveries. 

Fear not! We’ve crafted a detailed, step-by-step playbook to ensure your Temu orders are shipped to your doorstep in Mongolia safely and without breaking the bank.

Temu is an online marketplace headquartered in Boston, USA. It is a subsidiary of PDD Holdings Inc., the parent company of the Chinese e-commerce giant Pinduoduo. Temu offers a wide range of products at highly competitive prices and incorporates unique features such as social commerce and gamification to enhance the shopping experience.

It connects sellers, predominantly from China, with a global customer base, offering products ranging from apparel and accessories to beauty essentials, baby products, and home goods. 

Temu has gained popularity due to its affordable pricing, free shipping, and engaging shopping.

Does Temu ship to Mongolia?

Unfortunately, Temu doesn’t currently offer shipping to Mongolia, and there are no plans to include it in their shipping destinations.

Here is a comprehensive list showcasing all the countries Temu delivers to. This is a great resource to quickly check if your location is included in their global shipping network. 

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Bahrain
  • Belgium
  • Bulgaria
  • Canada
  • Chile
  • Croatia
  • Cyprus
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Ireland
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Jordan
  • Kuwait
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Malaysia
  • Malta
  • Mexico
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Oman
  • Philippines
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Qatar
  • Romania
  • Saudi Arabia
  • South Africa
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • South Korea
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • The UAE
  • The US
  • UK

Don’t let geography limit your shopping experience! Even if you’re in Mongolia and outside Temu’s direct shipping range, there’s an exciting solution: You can use a package forwarding service

It’s an easy and effective way to enjoy the vast selection of right at your doorstep. 

Let’s explore how you can effortlessly ship any item from Temu to Mongolia.

How Can You Have Your Temu Orders Shipped to Mongolia?

As I stated before, the only method to have Temu items delivered to Mongolia is through a package forwarder.

A package forwarding service receives your online purchases from Temu at a local address in the United States and then ships them to your address in Mongolia.

Step 1: Selecting the Ideal Package Forwarder

Selecting the right package forwarding service is key for you to enjoy cost-effective, reliable, timely delivery of your items.

I’ve spent 20 hours diving deep into the details of sixteen leading package forwarders, meticulously scoring them across various important criteria.

Here’s an exciting glimpse into the eight primary metrics that shaped my thorough evaluation:

  1. Cost-Effectiveness: When choosing a package forwarding service, I consider their pricing models carefully. While some may have lower base rates, they often charge more for additional services like repackaging, long-term storage or consolidating packages. I look for a service that offers a good balance between upfront costs and these additional fees to ensure long-term savings.
  1. Pricing Transparency: For me, pricing transparency is key. It means getting a clear, upfront disclosure of all costs before my order arrives at their warehouse. This transparency is crucial for avoiding hidden fees and making informed decisions.
  1. Delivery Speed: Delivery times are a big factor in my choice. Some services offer faster shipping options, which are vital when I need items quickly. However, I’m aware that speed often comes with a higher price tag.
  1. Reliability and Safety: The safety and reliability of shipping are non-negotiable for me. I choose services that handle my packages with care and ensure they arrive in good condition. Opting for those that offer insurance options gives me added peace of mind.
  1. Customer Service: Good customer service is essential, especially for addressing issues with shipments. I prefer services with responsive support, straightforward claim processes, and assistance in my language for a smoother experience.
  1. Customs and Duty Handling: Navigating customs duties and taxes can be tricky. I value a forwarding service that helps with these processes, saving me time and avoiding legal complications.
  1. Additional Services: I look for services offering extras like package consolidation, which can cut down shipping costs, or those that can purchase items on my behalf if I face buying restrictions.
  1. Reputation and Reviews: Finally, I always check the reviews and track records of a company. This gives me insight into their reliability and customer satisfaction, influencing my final decision.

After an exhaustive review, it became unmistakably clear that Planet Express stood out as the ideal choice for my package forwarding needs.

Their customer service team impressed me with lightning-fast responses to my inquiries, underlining their commitment to client satisfaction. Further bolstering their credibility were the thousands of glowing 5-star reviews I discovered online, painting a picture of unparalleled reliability and trustworthiness. 

Moreover, their service fee structure was a game-changer, consistently offering more competitive rates than any other service I had compared, ensuring not just savings, but also exceptional value.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of Planet Express and its capabilities, watch the video below, which includes a detailed walkthrough of the Planet Express dashboard.

Here’s why I found Planet Express to be the superior choice for my package forwarding needs, each reason further solidifying its standout position in my selection:

  • Lowest Rates in the Industry: Thanks to its unique consolidation system and high-volume shipping, Planet Express offers some of the lowest forwarding rates in the industry, often saving customers up to 80% compared to single-use international shipping rates​​.
  • Free Photos of Packages: Each package received at their warehouse is photographed for free, showing the sender’s details and the package’s condition. Additional detailed photos are available for a minimal fee​​.
  • Exceptionally Cheap Storage: They offer 10 days of free storage for every package (45 days for the Consolidated Package Plan), with additional storage costing only one cent per pound per day​​.​​ Storing a one-pound package in their warehouse for a whole month comes at a surprisingly low cost of just 30 cents!
  • No Hidden Fees: The service ensures transparency with no hidden charges. All costs, fees, and charges are disclosed upfront​​. They provide a postage calculator to estimate shipping costs before ordering, offering at least five shipping options with varying costs based on delivery time and package size/weight​​.
  • Special Requests: Planet Express accommodates various special requests, such as removing invoices for gifting or splitting purchases for different delivery addresses, for a flat fee​​.
  • Shop For Me Service: If you’re unable to make a purchase directly from a U.S. retailer, Planet Express will shop on your behalf for a small processing fee​​.
  • Simplified Customs Handling: They simplify cross-border transactions, including an easy process for filling out customs forms​.
  • Intuitive Web Interface: Their user-friendly web interface allows convenient management of your packages, letting you decide when they are shipped out.


Once you sign up with Planet Express, you’ll be assigned a unique mailing address at their warehouse. This address can be used for your online shopping on Temu, just like your home address, ensuring a hassle-free shopping experience with any U.S.-based store. 

The process is straightforward: simply enter the Planet Express address as the shipping destination when you make a purchase.

In case you can’t use your home address for your credit card billing address, you can conveniently use your Planet Express warehouse address instead, typically without any complications.

Additionally, if you’re unable to make a purchase directly with a U.S. retailer due to credit card acceptance issues, Planet Express offers a “Shop For Me” service. They will handle the purchase on your behalf, with a minimal processing fee, allowing you to access products even when direct buying isn’t an option.


Once your package lands at Planet Express’ warehouse, they promptly send you photos, confirming its arrival. 

Along with this, you’ll be presented with a variety of shipping options, tailored to suit different preferences for cost and speed. Typically, you’ll have at least four choices, each offering a unique balance of price and delivery time, and for some packages, based on their weight, size, and value, the options can extend to over ten. This flexibility allows you to select the most suitable shipping method, and if desired, you can have your package dispatched the very same day.

Planet Express shipping options

I’ve used Planet Express many times for shipping packages globally, and each experience has been nothing short of exceptional. 

Let me walk you through my latest endeavor, which was particularly memorable as it involved sending a special gift.

It all started when I placed an order, choosing my unique Planet Express warehouse address for delivery. Remarkably, in less than 48 hours, Planet Express notified me via email that my package had safely landed in their facility.

Then came the part I always find impressively simple: filling out their straightforward customs declaration form. Only four key pieces of information were needed – the item, quantity, value, and whether it contained batteries. This efficiency is one of the many reasons I lean towards Planet Express.

Selecting the shipping option presented an interesting array of choices. Among the eight diverse options, varying from $6 to $35, plus a nominal $2 for insurance, I found myself weighing options not just on cost, but on value. I settled on the most budget-friendly option, $8 including insurance, marveling at the balance between affordability and quality service.

But here’s where Planet Express truly shone: understanding the package was a gift, they seamlessly removed the invoices. This thoughtful gesture ensured that the pricing details remained my secret, preserving the element of surprise for the recipient. It’s small details like this that elevate a service from good to great.

The day I selected the shipping option, my package was promptly dispatched. And when it arrived, everything was in impeccable condition – a testament to the care and precision of Planet Express.

Navigating Costs: Customs & Duties

From my numerous shipments with Planet Express, the cost I typically incur for sending Temu packages to Mongolia — $6 for shipping plus $2 for insurance — has become a standard expectation.

One of the great advantages of Planet Express is the all-inclusive nature of their fees: import charges, taxes, and duties are all calculated and included in the initial shipping fee. This means there’s no surprise cost waiting for you when your Temu package arrives in Mongolia.

For anyone feeling uncertain about the potential shipping expenses to Mongolia, I highly recommend leveraging the Planet Express shipping calculator. It’s an invaluable tool that provides a clear estimate of your shipping costs, ensuring transparency and peace of mind in your international shipping endeavors.

Package Forwarding service limitations with Temu

If you’re using a package forwarding service to ship your Temu order to Mongolia, these shipping restrictions can impact you in several ways:

  1. Special Item Handling: If you’re ordering large, valuable, perishable items, or those with age restrictions, the forwarding service may need to provide additional handling or signature confirmation.
  2. Restricted Area Deliveries: If your final destination is a security-restricted area, like a military base, you might face challenges. It’s important to communicate with the forwarding service about the possibility of delivering to such areas or arranging an alternative delivery location.


Shipping Temu items to Mongolia through Planet Express has been a remarkably hassle-free and efficient experience for me. The affordability of this service is a significant highlight; I’ve found that the overall costs are quite low. 

In fact, by using Planet Express to ship Temu purchases, I’ve consistently saved money. This is because the prices in Temu are often substantially lower than what you’d find with local retailers in Mongolia.

I can’t recommend Planet Express enough for anyone browsing or similar retailers that don’t offer direct shipping to Mongolia. Their service not only bridges the shipping gap but does so with cost-effectiveness and ease, making international shopping a breeze.

Temu Mongolia Frequently Asked Questions

Is the TEMU App Available in Mongolia?

As of now, Temu does not directly ship to Mongolia. However, shoppers in Mongolia can still access Temu’s extensive product range by using a package forwarding service like Planet Express. This service provides a U.S. address to ship your Temu purchases to and then forwards them to your address in Mongolia.

Can I order from Temu if I am in Mongolia?

No, Temu currently does not offer direct shipping to Mongolia. They ship to 49 countries, as detailed in the table above, but Mongolia is not on this list. However, if you’re in Mongolia and wish to purchase from Temu, you can do so by placing your order on and then using a package forwarding service like Planet Express.

Does Temu provide free shipping service to Mongolia?

No. Currently, Temu does not provide free or even direct shipping services to Mongolia. This applies to all regions, including Ulaanbaatar, Erdenet, and Darkhan. To receive your Temu orders in Mongolia, you’ll need to follow the aforementioned method for shipping.

How Can I receive Temu shipments in Mongolia?

While Temu doesn’t directly ship to Mongolia, you can still receive their shipments by using a package forwarding service like Planet Express. Using Planet Express, your Temu package will be shipped internationally through reputable couriers such as UPS, DHL, and FedEx. Once the package arrives in Mongolia, local couriers usually take over to complete the delivery, ensuring that your package is safely delivered to your address. 

What is the cost of shipping Temu items to Mongolia?

If you’re looking to ship Temu items to Mongolia using Planet Express as a package forwarding service, you can anticipate the shipping cost to range from approximately $10 to $30, including insurance. The final cost will depend on the nature of the items you purchase and the speed of delivery you prefer. 

How long does it take to ship Temu items to Mongolia?

After receiving your Temu items, Planet Express typically dispatches them within 24 hours. However, the delivery to Mongolia generally takes around 5-7 business days. Planet Express provides a variety of shipping options, allowing you to choose based on your preference for shipping time and budget. Keep in mind that faster shipping methods will cost more

What items does Temu deliver to Mongolia?

Using Planet Express, you can effortlessly forward a diverse selection of Temu items to Mongolia. From the latest consumer electronics, stylish clothing, and chic home decor to specialized items like sports gear, office supplies, beauty products, and health essentials. Whether it’s kitchen appliances, toys, jewelry, or even gardening tools, Planet Express ensures a vast range of products from Temu are just a shipping step away from reaching your doorstep in Mongolia. It’s your gateway to almost anything you desire from Temu’s extensive catalog.

What are my Temu payment options when ordering from Mongolia?

When ordering from Temu, you have a broad spectrum of payment methods at your disposal. These include various credit cards (such as Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Maestro, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club), digital payment platforms like PayPal, Google Pay, and Cash App Pay, and even options for installment payments such as Afterpay, Klarna, and Affirm. Additionally, Temu gift cards are also a valid form of payment.

If you find yourself in a situation where none of these payment methods are feasible for you, Planet Express offers a resourceful alternative with their ‘Shop For Me’ service. In this scenario, Planet Express will purchase on your behalf using their credit card. You then reimburse Planet Express directly.

Can I purchase Temu gift cards from Mongolia?

Yes, you can buy Temu gift cards from Mongolia utilizing the same payment options typically available for any other product in Temu. This means you have the flexibility to use various credit cards, digital wallets, or installment payment services.

How can I contact Temu Mongolia customer service?

While Temu Mongolia does not have a direct telephone line for customer service, they are accessible through other efficient means. For any inquiries or assistance, you can visit the ‘Contact Us’ page, which is conveniently located in the footer of the website.

Additionally, for immediate assistance or real-time queries, Temu Mongolia offers a live chat option. Simply click the ‘Messages’ button found in the bottom-right corner of any page on their site to start a live chat session.

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