How to use temu credit balance?

How to use Temu credit balance? Are you intrigued by the world of online shopping rewards? Temu’s credit balance system could be your golden ticket to savvy shopping, but understanding how to leverage it can sometimes be puzzling. 

Worry no more! In this article, we’re diving into the nitty-gritty of using your Temu credit balance effectively. Whether you’re a seasoned shopper or new to the Temu platform, mastering the use of your credit balance can unlock a world of savings and perks.

From everyday purchases to special deals, Temu credits are a versatile tool in your shopping arsenal. We’ll guide you through the process, from viewing your credit balance to applying credits to your orders. Plus, we’ll answer burning questions like the validity of Temu credits, their expiration, and the possibility of combining them with coupons for maximum benefit. 

Get ready to turn your Temu shopping experience into a rewarding journey, filled with savings and surprises at every turn!

How to use Temu credit?

Checkout using Temu credit

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use your Temu credit balance:

  1. Open the Temu App: Launch the Temu app on your device.
  2. Access Your Profile: Tap the ‘You’ icon at the bottom of the screen. This is typically the third icon from the left.
  3. View Your Credit Balance: In your profile, find and click on the ‘Credit Balance‘ section. Here, you’ll see the total amount of credits you currently have.
  4. Understanding Credit Balance: If you’re unfamiliar with what the credit balance is and how it works, you can find more information by clicking on the ‘i’ icon (information icon) in the top right corner of the credit balance page.
  5. Using Credits on Orders: When you make a purchase, your credits will be automatically applied to eligible orders before you submit them. There’s no need for additional steps to use your credits.
  6. Opting Out of Using Credits: If you prefer not to use your credits for a specific order, or if you wish to use only a portion of them, you can adjust the amount on the order confirmation page before finalizing your order.
  7. Final Step: Review your order and the applied credits. Proceed to finalize your order as usual.
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Remember, the credits are designed to be user-friendly and are automatically applied to your purchases for your convenience.

How does Temu credit work?

Temu Credit is a reward system offered by the online marketplace Temu, designed to provide discounts and benefits to its users. 

You can earn Temu Credit through various activities such as referring friends, sharing products on social media, or participating in promotional events. New users also can receive free credits upon sign-up.

Temu may offer credits as a gesture of apology for any shopping issues, like items being out of stock or delivery delays. This is part of their effort to enhance your shopping experience.

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Unlock the Potential of Your Temu Credits: Expert Tips for Maximizing Rewards

To maximize your Temu Credit earnings and usage, consider the following tips:

  • Participate in daily tasks and promotions on Temu for additional credits.
  • Use the referral program to invite friends, earning credits for each successful referral.
  • Combine Temu Credits with other offers, such as coupons and discounts, for extra savings.
  • Prioritize using your credits on larger or planned purchases for better value.
  • Regularly monitor your credit balance and stay alert for special promotions to accumulate more credits.


In conclusion, using your Temu credit balance is a straightforward and beneficial way to enhance your shopping experience. Begin by accessing your profile in the Temu app and viewing your credit balance.

These credits, earned through referrals, social sharing, or as part of promotions, can be automatically applied to your purchases for instant savings. If you prefer, you have the option to adjust the credit amount used at the order confirmation stage.

Remember, Temu credits can be combined with coupons for additional discounts, and they don’t expire, ensuring you can use them whenever you choose.

However, it’s important to note that these credits cannot be converted into cash or transferred between accounts. Use them wisely on your purchases, big or small, and keep an eye on daily tasks and promotions to maximize your credit earnings.


Is Temu credit legit?

Yes, Temu credit is legitimate. It’s part of the reward system offered by the Temu platform, allowing users to earn credits through various activities like referrals, games, and social media sharing. 

These credits can be used for discounts on purchases within the Temu app or website. The system aims to enhance the shopping experience by providing benefits for regular and engaged users.

Can I use Temu credits with a coupon?

Absolutely! You can combine your Temu credits with a coupon for your purchase.

Does Temu credit balance expire?

No, Temu credit does not expire. Credits in your Temu Account are designed for lasting value, ensuring that they are available whenever you need them. This means that the credits you accumulate today will remain in your account indefinitely, providing you with ongoing purchasing power.

Is it possible to withdraw cash from my Temu credit balance?

No, you cannot convert Temu credits into cash or transfer them to your bank account. They are exclusively for use on Temu purchases and don’t expire.

Can I transfer Temu credits to another account?

No, Temu Credits cannot be transferred between Temu accounts.

Why is my Temu credit balance reduced if I haven’t used any credits?

A reduced balance could be due to an order awaiting payment, where credits are reserved. Canceling the order will refund the Temu credits. Alternatively, credits related to a returned item might be canceled if you received a chargeback for that item.

Can I use Temu credits to split payments?

Yes, you can use Temu credits to split payments. At checkout, simply select the “Credit” option to determine the amount of Temu credit you wish to use. The remaining balance can then be paid using a credit card, debit card, or PayPal. This flexibility allows you to partially pay with your Temu credits and cover the rest with another payment method.

How much do I need to spend to use my Temu Credits?

You can use your Temu credits regardless of the order amount. There’s no minimum purchase requirement, allowing you the freedom to apply your credits to any purchase, big or small.

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