How to make multiple Temu accounts?

How to make multiple Temu accounts? Are you looking to expand your Temu experience by creating multiple accounts, but finding yourself tangled in a web of technical complexities? 

You’re not alone. Navigating the intricate world of account setup on Temu can be tricky, especially when you’re aiming to manage multiple accounts on the same device. 

Whether it’s for grabbing those exclusive new user deals, maximizing referral rewards, or organizing your shopping in a way that suits your lifestyle, having more than one Temu account can open a world of possibilities.

In this article, we dive deep into the “how-tos” of creating multiple Temu accounts. We address common hurdles like email verification, IP address tracking, and device identification, and share insider tips from various online forums. 

We’ll guide you through every step, ensuring you have a seamless experience.

Let’s get started!

Technical difficulties in creating multiple accounts on Temu

Creating multiple accounts on platforms like Temu can present several technical difficulties. The challenges mainly stem from the measures these platforms implement to prevent the abuse of their systems, particularly when it comes to referral programs or new customer discounts.

Here are some key technical difficulties that one might encounter:

  • Email Verification: Temu requires a unique email address for each account. Creating multiple genuine email addresses can be cumbersome, and using temporary email services might trigger detection systems.
  • IP Address Tracking: Temu often tracks IP addresses to identify multiple accounts created from the same location. Changing IP addresses frequently, for instance, using VPNs, can help circumvent this, but sophisticated systems might still detect patterns or flag VPN usage as suspicious.
  • Device Identification: Temu may use device identifiers to track multiple accounts. This includes IMEI numbers on mobile devices or unique device IDs like MAc addresses. Emulating different devices or altering these identifiers can be technically challenging and often requires advanced knowledge and tools.
  • Phone Number Verification: A common security measure is to require a phone number for account verification. Since phone numbers are typically more unique and harder to obtain in bulk, this poses a significant barrier. Services that provide temporary or virtual phone numbers might be detected and blocked.
  • Behavioral Analysis: Temu often employs algorithms to analyze user behavior and digital footprint. Patterns like accessing multiple accounts from the same device, similar transaction behaviors, or timing can all lead to detection.
  • Captcha and Security Questions: Frequent account creation attempts might trigger captchas or additional security questions, making automated account creation more difficult.
  • Emulator Detection: When using emulators to create multiple accounts, Temu has systems in place to detect and block access from emulated environments.
  • Financial Information Requirements: If a platform requires payment information, using the same credit card or PayPal account for multiple accounts can lead to detection.
  • Referral System Abuses: If the purpose of creating multiple accounts is to abuse referral systems, this can often be detected through analysis of referral chains and is usually against the terms of service of the Temu platform.
  • Legal and Ethical Considerations: Beyond technical difficulties, there are legal and ethical considerations in creating multiple accounts, especially if the intent is to defraud or exploit a system.

Temu rules regarding using multiple accounts

Navigating the rules and guidelines for using multiple accounts on Temu requires careful attention to detail. Below is a comprehensive guide that consolidates the platform’s policies into clear, actionable steps:

  • Referral Restrictions: Participants must be real people and cannot use multiple accounts or fake accounts to make qualified referrals. Any activity that violates laws or the rights of others, or is deemed harassing, illegal, hateful, obscene, or outside the spirit and intent of the program will result in immediate termination and disqualification, and any rewards or referral links will be deactivated.
  • No Spam: Members must comply with all spam laws. This includes not sending bulk emails or distributing them to strangers without their consent. Using a referral link in a manner that could be considered spam is also prohibited and can result in immediate termination and legal action.
  • Accurate Information on Accounts: When creating multiple accounts, it’s crucial to provide accurate identity and address information for each. Utilizing false information can result in a ban on your account(s).
  • Referral Limits: Exercise caution not to refer the same set of accounts repeatedly. Such actions might be flagged by Temu as abusive and could lead to penalties.
  • Avoid System Manipulation: Attempting to game the system, such as having accounts circularly refer each other or placing fake orders, is prohibited and can lead to account deactivation.
  • Monitoring of Duplicate Accounts: Be aware that Temu may monitor IP addresses to detect misuse of multiple accounts. If duplicate accounts are used improperly, Temu may deactivate all associated accounts.
  • Separation of Account Usage: If using multiple accounts, ensure they are for legitimate purposes like separating personal from business purchases. Avoid overlapping or identical activities across multiple accounts to prevent flagging for misuse.

How to make multiple Temu accounts?

Various users on Reddit, Discord, and online forums have shared their experiences and techniques for successfully setting up multiple accounts. Here’s an in-depth guide based on those discussions:

  1. Utilizing Secure Folders on Samsung Phones
    • Method: Install the Temu app in a secure folder of a Samsung phone and use a new phone number.
    • Outcome: This method proved successful for one account but wasn’t viable for creating multiple accounts.
  2. Factory Resetting Old Phones
    • Method: Perform a factory reset on old smartphones and then create a new Temu account.
    • Note: Very old or low-spec phones might struggle to run necessary apps like Chrome or the Play Store.
  3. Navigating WiFi and IP Address Challenges
    • Issue: Temu detects the WiFi network and IP address, leading to verification prompts after a few accounts are created from the same network.
    • Solution: Waiting a day or two before creating new accounts helps bypass this issue or using mobile proxies
  4. Creating Accounts in Varied Locations
    • Method: Use different WiFi networks, like public WiFi or a friend’s network, to create accounts.
    • Limitation: Stick to about two accounts per WiFi to avoid triggering verification prompts.
  5. Email Account Requirements
    • Requirement: Each new Temu account needs a unique email account.
    • Suggestion: Utilize Gmail or Yahoo for ease of creation, but be aware of phone verification after multiple accounts.
  6. VPN and Proxy Considerations
    • Discussion Point: The effectiveness of VPNs in changing the IP address was debated.
    • Conclusion: One user found VPNs ineffective and recommended using proxies instead.

How to make a new Temu account on the same device?

Using Samsung’s Secure Folder is the only valid way to create a new Temu account on the same device. 

This feature allows you to maintain separate accounts (like a personal and work account) for the same app on a single device. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide to set up a new Temu account using Secure Folder:

  1. Access Secure Folder:
    -Locate and open the Secure Folder app on your Samsung device. If you haven’t set it up yet, follow the on-screen instructions to do so.
  2. Open Secure Folder Settings:
    -Inside Secure Folder, tap on the three-dot menu icon (︙) at the top-right corner.
    -Select ‘Settings’ from the dropdown menu.
  3. Manage Accounts:
    -In the Settings menu, find and select ‘Accounts’.
    -This section allows you to manage various accounts within Secure Folder, including options to Add, Remove, or Sync accounts.
  4. Add a New Account:
    -Choose the option to ‘Add’ an account.
    -Since you want to create a new Temu account, select Temu from the list of apps (if Temu is not already installed in Secure Folder, you will need to install it first).
  5. Install Temu in Secure Folder (if not already installed):
    -To install Temu, go back to the Secure Folder main screen.
    -Tap on ‘Add Apps’.
    -Select Temu from the list of available apps or download it from the Play Store within Secure Folder.
  6. Create a New Temu Account:
    -Open the Temu app within Secure Folder.
    -Proceed to create a new account as you normally would – enter your details, set up a new username, password, etc.
  7. Finalize Account Setup:
    -Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the account setup.
    -You might be required to verify your email address or phone number.
  8. Account Management:
    -Remember, your new Temu account in Secure Folder is separate from any account you might have outside the Secure Folder.
    -You can manage this account independently, and it will not sync with your Samsung account as Samsung account sync is not supported inside Secure Folder.
  9. Switching Between Accounts:
    -To switch between your new Temu account and the one outside Secure Folder, simply navigate in and out of the Secure Folder app.

Remember, any app or account added to Secure Folder is sandboxed from the rest of your device, ensuring privacy and security. This makes Secure Folder an ideal solution for managing multiple accounts for the same app on a single device.

Benefits of having multiple Temu accounts

There are several compelling reasons to consider having more than one account on Temu:

  • Exclusive Deals for New Users: Temu extends special offers and coupons to its first-time users. By creating multiple accounts, you can repeatedly benefit from these exclusive new user deals.
  • Referral Rewards: Temu incentivizes its customers for getting new users. You can create additional accounts to refer and swiftly accumulate referral bonuses.
  • Organized Shopping: Having separate accounts on Temu can be beneficial for categorizing your purchases. For instance, you can have distinct accounts for personal and business shopping needs.
  • Maximizing Coupon Usage: Often, Temu places usage limits on certain coupons per account. By utilizing multiple accounts, you can circumvent these limitations and make the most of the available coupons.
  • Family Members Sharing a Device: In cases where a device is shared among family members, each person might want to have their own account for a personalized experience without interfering with others’ preferences and histories.
  • Privacy Concerns: Some users create separate accounts as a way to protect their privacy and keep their order history discrete.
  • Efficient Price Comparison: Managing different accounts can streamline the process of comparing prices and scouting for the best deals on Temu.
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How to manage multiple accounts on Temu?

To ensure smooth operation of multiple Temu accounts, it’s important to follow these guidelines:

  • Distinct Activity for Each Account: Make sure to log in and out of each account individually. Avoid being logged into several accounts simultaneously to keep their activities separate.
  • Strategic Referral Timing: When using the referral feature, spread out your referrals over an extended period. It’s advisable to avoid making multiple referrals in a brief timeframe; instead, opt for spacing them out over weeks or months.
  • Regular Purchases for Credibility: To maintain the appearance of legitimacy for each account, it’s beneficial to periodically engage in purchases. This not only adds to the account’s authenticity but also allows you to utilize available coupons.
  • Organized Account Information: Keep a well-organized record of the credentials and login details for each account. This organization aids in effortless switching between different accounts.
  • Stay Informed on Policy Changes: It’s crucial to regularly check each account for any updates or changes in Temu’s policies. Being aware of these changes is essential to manage multiple accounts without violating any rules.

Verdict: How to make multiple Temu accounts?

In conclusion, creating multiple Temu accounts can be a valuable strategy for accessing new user deals, maximizing referral rewards, and organizing purchases for different needs. However, it’s important to navigate this process with awareness of the platform’s policies and the technical challenges involved. 

Remember, each account should have unique credentials and be used in compliance with Temu’s terms of service to avoid any complications.


Can I Employ the Same Payment Method Across Various Accounts?

Absolutely, you are allowed to use a single payment method, such as a credit card or PayPal, for several Temu accounts. However, for risk mitigation, it’s advisable to diversify your payment options.

Is It Advisable to Use Identical Addresses for Multiple Accounts?

While you can use the same address for numerous accounts, it’s recommended to make minor modifications, such as abbreviating ‘Road’ to ‘Rd.’ or ‘Avenue’ to ‘Ave.’ Using completely identical addresses might attract unwanted attention.

Can I Merge Gift Cards or Credits from Different Accounts?

Unfortunately, no. Credits and gift cards are account-specific and must be redeemed through the account they were initially granted to. It’s not possible to amalgamate credits across different accounts.

Is Referring an Account I Already Manage Permissible for Bonuses?

Referring your own accounts in a cyclical manner for bonus acquisition is prohibited under Temu’s policies. This can lead to account deactivation. It’s better to space out referrals and only refer actively used accounts.

Should I Use Separate Devices for Each Account?

Ideally, using separate devices for each account is preferable. If you’re using the same device, ensure you log out and clear the app’s data before switching accounts to maintain separation.

Do I Require a Distinct Email for Each Account?

Yes, each Temu account must be linked to a unique email address. Utilizing the same email for multiple accounts is a violation of Temu’s terms and conditions.

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