How to find your Temu Code?

Like many of you, I’ve been on a relentless quest to uncover how to get a Temu referral code. The internet is flooded with guides, but they all seem to focus only on how to get the Temu referral link, not the actual code. 

My thorough search left me empty-handed, but I refused to give up. Now, I’m excited to share with you my findings.

In this article, I’m going to provide a clear, step-by-step guide that will show you exactly how to find your Temu referral code. 

Let’s dive into the details.

Temu referral code types

Temu offers a referral program where both new and existing users can benefit from referral codes. 

New users can use these codes when signing up to receive various bonuses, such as coupon bundles or discounts. Existing users can share their unique referral codes to invite others to join Temu, earning bonuses for each successful referral.

Temu provides three types of referral codes. Each of these codes is unique and different from the other two and comes with its own set of perks and rules. Here are these types:

  1. Affiliate program referral code
  2. Redeem cash program referral code
  3. Refer and Earn program referral code

Temu affiliate referral codes are special promo codes or coupons provided to Temu partners. When you shop on Temu and use these codes at checkout, you get a discount on your purchase. At the same time, the Temu partner who gave you the code earns a commission. This is a win-win for both the shopper and the affiliate.

The other two types of codes are used by existing Temu users to invite new users to the platform. However, these codes aren’t used at checkout for discounts. Instead, new users need to enter the code in the search bar on the Temu website or app. Once they search for this code, it activates certain benefits or bonuses linked to the referral program.

How to find your Temu code?

To find your exclusive Temu referral code, follow these steps:

Method 1: Using the Temu Affiliate Program

1. Join the Temu Affiliate Program by clicking the link, or go to and click on “Affiliate & influencer Program” in the footer.

Step 1

2. You’ll be directed to the Temu affiliate program landing page.

3. Register using your email address. Note: The program is currently open only to users in the U.S. If you tried to sign up from any other region, you would get this message “This event is not available in your region at this time.”.

Step of email registraion

4. After registering, you’ll have access to “affiliate cash” where future commissions are displayed.

5. Click “Join Now” to obtain your exclusive code and link.

Copy code

6. Copy this code or link and share it on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, or Facebook to start earning commissions.

Method 2: Using “Redeem cash” program

1. Start by opening the Temu application on your smartphone.

2. Look for the ‘You’ icon, typically found at the bottom of the screen. This icon leads you to your personal profile area, where you can access a range of personalized options and settings.

3. In your profile, find and select the option labeled ‘Earn Credits and Free Gifts’. This section is dedicated to offering you ways to earn credits through various activities and also allows you to discover the exciting free gifts that Temu has for its users.

4. Click on ‘Redeem Cache’ and then ‘Start’.

Redeem coins

5. Click on ‘Refer New App Users’ to get the Temu code.

Refer Friends

6. Click on “Copy Code” and you’ll get your Temu referral code appearing on your screen with an option to copy the code.

Click to copy code

7. Distribute your code or link to friends who are new to the Temu app to earn coins. Note that for existing users, rewards are limited to only one user.

8. Each successful referral gives you one ticket to spin the wheel and earn from 1 to 5 Star coins rewards.

9. Convert your Star coins to cash, keeping in mind that these coins come with an expiration date. For every 150 coins you collect (which translates into 30 new referrals in the best-case scenario), you can earn only $1 and transfer to PayPal. The maximum earnings from this method is only $200.

Method 3: Using “Refer and Earn” Program

1. Open the Temu app on your Android or iOS device.

2. Click on the ‘You’ icon.

3. Select ‘Earn Credits and Free Gifts’.

4. Click on “Get now” under the “Refer and Earn” section.

Invite new user

5. Select ‘Invite New App User’ to check your Temu code.

6. Tap on the ‘Copy Code’ button. This will display your unique referral code on the screen and give you the option to easily copy it to your clipboard.

Share your code

7. Quickly share your unique Temu referral code or link with your friends within 24 hours. This is your window of opportunity to invite new users to the Temu app. Remember, you can share your code with up to 3 existing Temu users.

Final step

8. Each new user you successfully invite gives you a chance to spin for credit rewards. These rewards can vary, ranging anywhere from 1 cent to 1 dollar. Any credits you win will be added to your balance and the good news is, they don’t have an expiry date, so you can use them anytime you wish.

I recommend using the first method and joining the Temu affiliate program as it provides way more benefits and rewards.

Temu Affiliate Program Benefits

This program is a great way to earn extra income by promoting Temu. The Temu Affiliate Program offers these exciting benefits:

  • New User Download Bonus: Earn $5 for each new user you refer who downloads the app.
  • Initial Sharing Reward: Get a $5 bonus the first time you share your referral link.
  • Commission Earnings: Receive up to 20% commission on orders placed by new users you referred.
  • Discount for Referees: New users you refer get a 30% discount.
  • Maximum Earnings: Potential to earn up to $100000 per month in commission.

How does the Temu Referral Program work?

TEMU’s Referral Program operates in a user-friendly manner. Here’s a streamlined explanation:

  1. Referral Code Sharing: Users share their unique referral code with potential new users.
  2. Account Creation by Referees: These potential users use the code to sign up, becoming referees.
  3. Rewards upon Purchase: When a referee makes a purchase within a set time after joining, the referrer earns a reward.
  4. Benefits for Both Parties: Both the referrer and referee receive benefits, which could vary by region and might include discounts, store credits, or cashback, for signing up and making a purchase through the referral code.

How to Send TEMU Referral Code and invite your friends?

To share your Temu referral code effectively and invite more friends, consider these detailed strategies:

  • Text Messaging: Open your messaging app, and craft a friendly message introducing TEMU and its benefits. Include your referral code and a call to action, like “Use code ABCD123456 for purchase credits!”
  • Email Campaign: Write a comprehensive email explaining TEMU’s features. Place your unique code either within the main body or in the signature. Address the email to friends, family, and colleagues.
  • Social Media Strategy: On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., post about TEMU. Include your referral code and describe its benefits, engaging your audience. Regularly update these posts for better visibility. Keep your network informed about any special deals or promotions on Temu. This can encourage them to use your code, especially during promotional periods.
  • Content Creation: Use visuals like infographics or short videos to explain the process and benefits. Post these on your social media or blog if you have one.
  • Community Sharing: Share your Temu code in online communities like Reddit or forums related to shopping or discounts. Always follow the community guidelines about promotions.
  • Instant Messaging Platforms: Use WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and similar apps for sharing your referral code. Personalize each message and offer to help with sign-up processes.
  • Direct Interaction: In face-to-face meetings, talk about TEMU. Guide them through entering your referral code on their phone, and showing the steps.
  • Incentives: Offer additional personal incentives or help, like assisting them with their first purchase or navigating the Temu platform.

This approach enhances visibility and engagement, potentially increasing your referral success.

Temu Affiliate Program Statistics

TEMU’s referral program has shown remarkable success, with key highlights including:

  • Over 15 million users have shared their referral codes by 2022.
  • The average referrer gains about $20 in rewards for each new user who signs up and buys something.
  • Top referrers have amassed more than $5,000 in rewards.
  • Referral codes contribute to over 35% of TEMU’s new user acquisitions.
  • Customers joining through a referral code tend to spend 20% more per order.
  • The lifetime value of referred customers is 70% higher compared to non-referred users.

Want Bigger Referral Rewards? Discover How!

For optimal success in TEMU’s referral program, consider these detailed tactics:

  • Exploit Social Media Dynamics: Share your code on various platforms where you have a strong presence. Tailor your message to fit each platform’s audience for maximum impact.
  • Personal Incentives: Creatively encourage friends to use your code, like offering to share insights on TEMU’s best deals.
  • Focus on TEMU Newcomers: Prioritize sharing your code with friends who are new to TEMU, as they qualify you for additional bonuses. Offer to personally guide new users through TEMU’s features and interface for a smoother start.
  • Use Compelling Visuals: Enhance your code’s visibility with eye-catching images or engaging videos that highlight the benefits of shopping on TEMU.
  • Opt for Complete Referral Links: Share your entire referral link instead of the code, as it embeds your code and simplifies the process for potential referees, increasing the likelihood of them using it.
  • Tailor Your Messages: Craft individualized messages for each referral to make them feel special and avoid the perception of spam.
  • Targeted Recommendations: Share your referral code with friends who are likely to appreciate TEMU, based on their shopping habits and interests.
  • Active Support: Be ready to assist new users through the sign-up process, addressing any difficulties they may face.
  • Personal Testimonials: Share your positive experiences and how you’ve benefited from using TEMU to create a more relatable appeal.
  • Timely Sharing: Share your referral code around key shopping periods or events, tapping into potential shopping interests.
  • Engagement Tracking: Keep a tab on your referrals and gently remind them to explore TEMU if they haven’t made a purchase for some time.


How to find your Temu code? Whether you’re an affiliate, a savvy shopper, or just starting out, Temu offers three different referral programs to suit your needs: the Affiliate Program, Redeem Cash Program, and Refer and Earn Program. 

Join the Affiliate Program through Temu’s website for the most benefits, including commissions and new user bonuses. For the other two programs, simply navigate to your profile in the Temu app and select ‘Earn Credits and Free Gifts’ to find your code. Share this code with friends or on social media to earn rewards. 

Remember, each program has its unique perks, so choose the one that aligns with your goals. By following these steps, you’ll unlock the full potential of Temu’s referral system, opening doors to exciting rewards and enhanced shopping experiences. So, grab your code, start sharing, and watch the benefits roll in!


What’s the TEMU referral code?

It’s a special code given to every TEMU user. When a friend signs up and makes a purchase with this code, both the person who shared it (referrer) and the new user (referee) are rewarded.

Is it possible to customize my TEMU referral code?

Unfortunately, no. Each referral code is fixed and specific to your account, with no option for alteration.

Should I share just the code or the entire referral link?

It’s best to share the complete referral link. This ensures that those you refer can sign up correctly and both of you can receive the intended rewards.

What’s the limit on referring friends to TEMU?

Good news—there’s no cap! You can refer to as many friends as you like.

What’s the typical reward for referring someone to TEMU?

On average, you get $20 in TEMU credits for each successful referral. However, this amount can vary depending on your location.

When do the referral rewards typically arrive?

Expect your referral rewards to come through about 1-2 weeks after your referred friend makes their first TEMU purchase.

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