How to delete Temu browsing history?

How to delete Temu browsing history? Are you concerned about protecting your sensitive data while shopping online? If you’re a Temu user, understanding how to delete your browsing history is essential for safeguarding your privacy. 

With just a few simple steps, you can ensure that your sensitive data remains confidential, giving you peace of mind every time you use the Temu app or website. 

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of clearing your Temu browsing history, both on mobile devices and the web. 

Whether you’re seeking to prevent others from viewing your past searches or simply want to protect your personal information, our straightforward instructions will help you achieve a secure and private shopping experience. 

Let’s get started and take control of your online privacy!

How to delete browsing history on Temu app?

If you’re looking to clear your browsing history on the Temu app, here’s a straightforward guide to help you do just that.

1. Open the Temu App: Start by launching the Temu app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Ensure you’re logged into your account.

2. Navigate to Your Browsing History: On the Temu app’s main interface, locate the ‘You’ icon at the bottom of your screen. This icon is your gateway to your browsing history.

3. Access Your Browsing History: After clicking on the ‘You’ icon, tap on the “Browsing history” tab. Swipe to the right to reveal more options, and then click on the “See all” button. This will display your complete browsing history.

Step 1 on mobile app

4. Select the Item to Delete: As you go through your browsing history, identify the items you wish to remove. Each item will have a menu represented by three dots (⋮) located typically on the right side.

5. Delete the Selected Item: Tap on the three dots (⋮) next to the item you want to remove. A small menu will appear with the option to ‘Delete’. Click on this option to remove the item from your browsing history.

Step 2

6. Repeat if Necessary: If you have more items to delete, repeat the process for each one.

Remember, while this process will clear your browsing history, it doesn’t affect your order history. The Temu app retains order history for reference and security purposes, and it can’t be deleted. 

How to clear your browsing history on Temu website?

Deleting your browsing history on the Temu website is a straightforward process, and it closely resembles the steps for doing so on the app, with only minor differences. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you:

1. Access the Temu Website: Open your web browser and navigate to Ensure that you are logged in to your Temu account by entering your credentials if prompted.

2. Hover Over “Orders & Account”: On the Temu website, look to the top right corner of the screen. You’ll see the “Orders & Account” option. Hover your mouse cursor over it.

3. Select “Browsing History”: After hovering over “Orders & Account,” a dropdown menu will appear. From this menu, click on the “Browsing History” option.

4. View Your Browsing History: You’ll now be directed to a page displaying your browsing history on the Temu website.

5. Choose Items to Delete: Browse through your history and select the specific items you want to remove. Each item typically has an option represented by three dots (⋮) that you can click on.

checking my browsing history on desktop

6. Delete Selected Items: Click on the three dots (⋮) next to the item you wish to delete. A small menu will appear with the option to ‘Delete’. Click on this option to remove the selected item from your browsing history.

7. Repeat if Necessary: If you have more items to delete, repeat the process for each one.

How to delete Temu search history?

Keep in mind that clearing your browsing history on Temu does not erase your search history. To completely safeguard your privacy, follow these steps to delete your search history in Temu, which applies to both the Temu app and the website

1. Access the Search Bar: Begin by clicking on the search bar. This is the initial step in both the app and the website.

My recent temu searches on mobile

2. View Recent Searches: After clicking the search bar, a menu will appear displaying your “Recently Searched” items.

3. Locate the Delete Icon: On the right side of the “Recently Searched” title, you will find a delete icon. Click on this icon to proceed with removing your search history.

4. Delete Individual Queries: You now have the option to selectively delete your search queries. Browse through your search history and choose the specific queries you wish to remove, then delete them individually.

Deleting the recently searched queries

5. Repeat on Both Platforms: If you are a user of both the Temu app and the website, it’s important to repeat this process on both platforms. The search histories on the app and website are maintained separately, so clearing them on one does not affect the other.

How to clear the cache on Temu?

Clearing the cache and clearing browsing history are two different actions. Clearing the cache is about removing temporary files to improve app performance and free up space while clearing browsing history is about maintaining privacy and removing records of your online activities.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to clear the cache on Temu:

For iOS

To clear the cache on the Temu app on your iPhone or your iPad, follow these simple steps:

  1. Accessing Settings: Start by locating the “Settings” app on your iPhone. It’s typically represented by a gear icon. Tap on it to open your phone’s settings.
  2. Navigating to General: In the settings menu, find and select the “General” option.
  3. iPhone Storage: Once you’re in the General settings, look for and select the “iPhone Storage” option.
  4. Choosing the App: Scroll through the list of installed apps and choose the Temu app, the one whose cache you want to clear.
  5. App Information: Upon selecting the Temu app, you’ll see details about the app, including its size and usage. Here, you will find two options: “Offload App” and “Delete App.”
    • Offload App: This option clears some of the app’s cache and frees up storage space. However, it doesn’t remove all data. To use the app again, you’ll need to reinstall it.
    • Delete App: Selecting this option will delete the Temu app along with all its cache and data. If you reinstall the app later, you won’t have any saved data from before.
  6. Clearing Storage Space: If you want to clear storage without deleting the app, tap on “Offload App.” A confirmation window will pop up; select “Offload App” again to confirm.

For Android

To clear the cache for the Temu app on an Android device, follow these steps:

  1. Access Settings: Open the device’s settings.
  2. Navigate to Apps: Depending on your device, you might need to scroll down and select “Apps and notifications” or just “Apps”. Some devices might label this option as “Application Manager”.
  3. Find the Temu App: Tap on “See all apps” or a similar option to list all installed apps. Scroll through the list or search to find the Temu app.
  4. App Info: Once you find the Temu app, tap on it to open its specific settings.
  5. Storage and Cache Options: In the app info page, select “Storage and cache” or just “Storage”.
  6. Clear Cache: You will see an option to “Clear Cache”. Tap on this to delete the cached data for the Temu app.

Reasons to clear your Temu browsing history

There are several valid reasons why you might want to delete your browsing history on Temu, as follows:

  • Privacy and Security: Clearing your browsing history is essential for safeguarding your privacy and bolstering online security. It ensures that sensitive information, such as the products you’ve viewed or searched for, remains confidential and less susceptible to unauthorized access.
  • Personalization Control: Deleting your browsing history allows you to regain control over personalization. Temu uses your past browsing behavior to tailor recommendations. If you want a fresh start and explore new products, clearing your history is the way to go.
  • Account Sharing: When sharing your Temu account with others, clearing your browsing history ensures that your recent activity remains private. It prevents interference with your preferences or recommendations by other users.
  • Streamlined Experience: Over time, accumulated browsing history can clutter your account, making it challenging to locate specific items or orders. Clearing it maintains an organized and streamlined shopping experience.
  • Performance Optimization: A large browsing history can sometimes slow down the performance of the Temu platform. Deleting it can enhance responsiveness, ensuring a smoother user experience.
  • Confidential Shopping: If you’re shopping for surprise gifts or items you’d rather keep confidential, clearing your browsing history prevents others from stumbling upon your recent searches.
  • Issue Resolution: Occasionally, outdated or incorrect information in your browsing history can cause problems. Deleting it can help resolve such issues and ensure accurate product recommendations.
  • Compliance Requirements: In certain situations, users may need to delete their browsing history to adhere to specific legal or corporate policies, especially when using shared or workplace accounts.

How does Temu’s automated data deletion policy work?

Temu implements an automatic data purging system, similar to many other shopping applications, designed to optimize server storage. This system involves automatically removing users’ browsing history after a specified duration of inactivity.

Per the guidelines in Temu’s privacy policy, any account that shows no activity for a continuous period of 18 months will have its browsing history, search records, location information, and other temporary data permanently deleted. However, the primary account information remains intact.

Therefore, if you do not engage in browsing, searching, or shopping on Temu for more than one and a half years, your historical data will be automatically erased. Nonetheless, for immediate privacy concerns, you have the option to manually clear this data at any point.

Does clearing Temu’s browsing history affect my wishlist data?

Clearing your browsing history on the Temu app won’t impact your wishlist or favored items. These are stored distinctly and are not part of the temporary browsing data. 

Deleting your browsing history means getting rid of only the items you browsed before, but it doesn’t touch your Temu account’s core elements like your wishlist, shipping address, or payment details. 

If you wish to remove items from your wishlist, you’ll need to do it individually, as clearing the browsing history does not affect these permanent account details or favorites on Temu.


To delete your browsing history on the Temu app, open the app, tap the ‘You’ icon, and select ‘Browsing history’. From there, you can choose and delete each item you want to remove. On the Temu website, log in, hover over “Orders & Account”, click “Browsing History”, and delete the desired items. 

Note that this won’t affect your order history or wishlist. Clearing search history requires separate steps in both the app and website. For iOS and Android users, clearing the cache can improve app performance. Temu automatically deletes browsing data after 18 months of inactivity, but manual deletion ensures immediate privacy.


Does Clearing History on Temu Affect My Cart or Orders?

Clearing your browsing history in Temu won’t impact your cart or order history. These are stored separately and remain unaffected.

Can I Clear Temu Browsing History via the Website?

Yes, you can clear your Temu browsing history via the website. After logging into your account, hover over “Orders & Account”, select “Browsing History”, choose the items you wish to delete, and then click on the ‘Delete’ option for each.

Does Clearing Browsing History Sign Me Out of Temu?

No, you will remain logged into your Temu account even after clearing the browsing history.

Does Reinstalling Temu App Delete My Browsing History?

Reinstalling the Temu app does not automatically delete your browsing history. You need to manually clear it, even after a reinstallation.

Is It Possible to Pause the History Collection on Temu?

Temu doesn’t offer an option to pause the collection of browsing history. The only option available is to clear it after it’s been collected.

Can Deleted Temu Browsing History Be Recovered?

Once you delete your browsing history in Temu, it’s permanently erased and cannot be retrieved.

Should I Also Delete Cookies/Cache After Clearing History on Temu?

It’s not necessary to delete cookies/cache after clearing your browsing history on Temu, as these are different actions. Clearing the cache is mainly for improving app performance and freeing up space, whereas clearing browsing history is for maintaining privacy. However, clearing the cache occasionally can enhance overall app responsiveness.

Will Clearing Irrelevant Browsing History Improve Temu Recommendations?

Yes, deleting old or irrelevant browsing history can help improve the relevancy of your recommendations based on your most recent activities.

How to delete your Temu account?

To deactivate your Temu account, visit the Temu website and log in to access “Orders & Account.” From there, navigate to “Account security” and select the “Delete your Temu account” option. Confirm your decision by agreeing to permanently delete your account and all associated data, then follow any additional prompts to complete the process. For mobile app users, the procedure is similar; start in the ‘You’ tab, access ‘Settings’, then ‘Account security’, and follow the steps to delete the account

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